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How do I remove the top buttons in a subpanel?

Question asked by Feng Feng on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2015 by Jaume Albaigès

I'm trying to remove top buttons(create and select) in subpanel by creating view.detail.php.
Like this:

require_once ('include/SubPanel/SubPanelTiles.php');
$subpanel = new SubPanelTiles($this->bean, $this->module); 
$subpanel->subpanel_definitions->layout_defs['subpanel_setup'][$subpanel_name]['top_buttons'] = array();

Top buttons disappeared perfectly. But when I click edit button in this subpanel,  quickcreate field doesn't show. Instead, the page jumps to the top.

Before that, I tried another way to hide top buttons by commenting out the code in 
custom\Extension\modules\<Module Name>\Ext\Layoutdefs\

In this way, top buttons was hidden as expected. But the page jumped directly to full-form edit view without clicking Full Form button.

Can anyone help me with this?
I'm using version 6.5.16.
Thanks in advance.