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Email works on hosted server, but not Microsoft Exchange

Question asked by gmcdonald gmcdonald on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by Alex Nassi
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I've combed through nearly countless threads concerning email not working and some seemed to have gotten resolved and others just ended. However, none of them seem to match my particular quandry.  

I'm running SugarCRM 6.5.16 CE on a Unix system (I think CentOS), with MySQL v. 5.5.33, PHP v. 5.2.17

When I set up the outgoing email to send through the web host server, the test emails reach my inbox just fine (IMAP/SMTP secure or unsecure).

The domain for where the CRM is hosted is: (not a real name)
I've set up email accounts under that domain name and configured SugarCRM for IMAP and things seem to work fine (I get test Emails, anyway).

However, when I set up the outgoing mail through a Microsoft Exchange Server, I keep getting back SMTP Error Code 111:  Connection Refused.

My exchange credentials work on every other client available, with the exception of SugarCRM, of course.

I'm working with my Exchange Service Provider and he opened up the desired ports (465), but I don't think he enabled it for IMAP just yet.

Is there a possibility that MS Exchange Server is having trouble with the domain in the address, sort of a "same as origin" conflict?

Is there a solid answer out there?