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How can you globally register custom handlebars helper in 7.1.5?

Discussion created by Jeroen Somhorst on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by Jerry Clark
In a few dashlets it is desired to change layout based on numerical values in the data. However, Handlebars does not support logical operators in if-conditions which is due to Mustache being a logic-less  templating engine. So in order to have the operators available you have to build and register a helper as explained in .

In the Sugarcrm context then it would be desired to have custom helpers in general available throughout the application, and not only a dashlet where they are registered for example. So my question is how you can include and register a custom Handlebars helper such that it is available throughout sugarcrm?

A similar question has been asked in the following post, but this is not answered (yet)
Sugar7 custom handlebars helper

Thanks in advance!