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Getting past posix getpwuid error on Godaddy account during upgrade

Question asked by gates2u gates2u on Apr 21, 2014
What to do on Godaddy server if you experience a posix error? This will fix it.

First of all, identify the username and group associated with your permissions.
You can see this in FileZilla and other ftp or shell tools.

Then,  make these changes in file systemCheck.php, on or about line 94
Use the owner name and group name that matches what you see in Filezilla, replacing the capitalized text below with the actual values.
You can see I commented out the posix call and hard coded both names.
It's a sledgehammer, but it lets you complete the installation.

   //$owner = posix_getpwuid(fileowner($file));
   //$group = posix_getgrgid(filegroup($file));