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How can I use a single instance of Sugar CE for multiple departments in my company?

Question asked by Ray Ray on Apr 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by Jason Eggers
Hello, I have ONE install of Sugar CRM CE 6.5x. Our firm has
2 distinct divisions and every lead, or contact we create, I need to be able to
assign it to one of these divisions.. For example, one customer may contact the
electrical repair division, while another may contact the plumbing department.
Each department is essentially separate, yet under the same parent company, so it
is necessary to keep and identify customers separately. I do not want to create
a separate instance of the sugarcrm program. I found a thread here:

  But this is not what
I am looking for. My needs are very simple. I don’t care about segregating the
companies, or having separate admins for each company. I think as long as I can
identify different customers with different divisions, I’ll be fine. Even if
that means, adding a “division/company” field in all forms (leads, contacts
etc), and then be able to filter them out by division name


Any ideas or help would be appreciated