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Sugar Pro 7.1.5 Poor Performance

Question asked by merrik merrik on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by Jeroen Somhorst
I am currently evaluating Sugarcrm Pro 7.1.5 for my company to see if it is a viable option to move to. I have gone through the process of customizing modules and getting some existing data into the database but i am noticing some performance problems. 

1) The entire interface seems sluggish
2) The list view in the cases module is slow. 15 seconds to load 20 cases.
3) Documents takes up to 1 minute to load list view

I have optimized the mysql configuration file and made sure that all of my tables are properly indexed and using an efficient indexing schema. The tables are running on innodb. 

I captured the slow query for the cases module and ran it directly through mysql and the query ran just fine and lightning fast with very minimal impact on cpu for the database server. That same query when run from Sugar takes about 15 seconds for the page to load and it maxes out one cpu core for the duration of the query. 

This instance of Sugar was installed following all of the system requirements and correct php version and mysql version. It is installed on an Ubuntu 12.04.4 host with a 4 core cpu and 8 GB of ram. I have APC and JSMIN installed and operating. I have also verified that anti virus is not causing scripts to load slowly on the page. 

Does anyone have any recommendations on what i can do to make Sugar run faster. I believe that this is a web front end problem but no matter how much tweaking i do to the front end everything still loads extremely slow.