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Change multiple modules with one plugin

Question asked by Yamadashi Yamadashi on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Dileep Awasthi

We have a sugar installation on a server with all the basic modules such as Accounts and Contacts.


We can edit each module's UI by changing the appropiate view files.   However, what we want is to change ALL the modules, and the change   within each module is the same, namely: add an extra action to the   action menu in the listview.


We would like to create a plugin for the sugar crm website that, when installed, will add a   small part of code to each existing module's listview.php. This change   is pure UI related (add an extra action). So basicly, if you install   this add-on, a bunch of code would be added to the custom/<MODULE>/metadata   folder for all the modules. when the add-on is deinstalled all the code   it introduced (and the ui elemenets it created) should be gone.


The reason I want to these UI changes to be done this way is so I can   give the add-on to others and their Sugar CRM would have the changes aswell.   It's not practical for other parties to manually change all their   listviews.php.


Is this kind of setup possible within sugar crm, and if so, what's a   good starting point to learn about plugins? What I mean by that is, I'm familiar with Sugar's file structure, but I'm not familiar with creating a plugin for the website. Is a plugin just a module with no fields and relations and special backend code?

If this is not possible, are there   alternatives that do at least part of what I need?