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workflow to send mail in the registration of a new record to the contact case

Question asked by Esteban Schmirman on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Bill Convis
I am wanting to send a mail contact is made when the high of a new case, but not working. Defined a workflow with the following characteristics 
Execution Occurs: When record saved 
Target Module: Cases 
Applies to: New and Updated Records 
Processing Order: Alerts then Actions 

When the value of Status: Equals New 

Show removeRecipients Alerts Send Query / Complaint registered using a Normal Message 
Recipient Associated with a related Contact 
Select Custom Email Field: Email Address: Name and Field: Name: 
To address using: 

It does not work when it is created but is modified and becomes the new state. 
Aguien can help me and give me an idea. 
Thank you