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SMTP server added to the drop-down list is not saved

Question asked by Daniel Hernandez on Apr 15, 2014

i am doing the following, Login into my SugarCRM CE account, then "ALL" tab=> "Emails" tab=> "Configuration" tab= "Email Accounts" tab.... A pop-ups shows. Click on "add" SMTP outgoing Server.... fill all info and click "Done" (Save button)

Here nothing happened, does not show the SMTP Server i just add... Then if you go to add Inbound email settings.. the drop-down for the SMTP servers its empty.

If you go to the "admin" panel hit email configuration and use the SMTP for all the accounts from the main admin sugarcrm ce configuration. Is NOT showing this SMTP server as an option.

Any ideas.

Please help

Best Regards,

Daniel Hernandez