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Error in [Version 6.5.8 (Build 8613)] in the Account Module and Others {"Content":

Question asked by Paul Zainea on Apr 14, 2014
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  An Error Has Occured: '{"content":"'
We are currently running, Version 6.5.8 (Build 8613), no modifications, this was a clean install that worked fine.  On Monday of last week the following error showed up for the first time:

An Error Has Ocurred: {"content":

At the bottom of the error page it has a secondary message:
If this error persists, please have your administrator disable Ajax for this module.

I logged in and I get a slightly different error:

With no secondary message.

Steps to produce the error:
1) Log In
2) Click on Sales Tab Accounts
3) New Page Opens, and the Error is displayed.

I get the same UNDEFINED upon the opening of the Accounts whether I use my account or the Administrator account.

How do I solve this problem; the hosting company has no resources capable of fixing this.

The picture of An Error Has Occurred.

Now the Undefined: