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alinea-sol-report Issue with AOS modules

Question asked by Manish Manish on Apr 11, 2014

I am using purchased AOS version.I am trying to create following report but I am failed to generate it.

No.of products purchased by Account.It created two left join with same module...How I can remove this repeated left join..Please check bold area in query which cause an issue

SELECT AS 'billing account id => accounts name', AS 'id aos invoices aos product quotes => aos products quotes name',
SUM(aos_products_quotes1.product_qty) AS 'id aos invoices aos product quotes => aos products quotes product qty'
FROM aos_invoices LEFT JOIN accounts accounts0 ON

LEFT JOIN aos_products_quotes aos_products_quotes1 ON (
AND aos_invoices.deleted=0 AND aos_products_quotes1.deleted=0)

LEFT JOIN aos_products_quotes aos_products_quotes3 ON (
AND aos_invoices.deleted=0  AND aos_products_quotes3.deleted=0)

WHERE aos_invoices.deleted = 0 AND'fork'

Please help me!