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Quick repair is hung up - database not functioning

Question asked by Sarita Sarita on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 3, 2014 by Sarita Sarita
I tried to make a simple modification (seemed simple) so that the Account field will not be required on the Opportunity form.  I followed these directions from the older forum:

Add a file called m2mtrader.php (or anything you want to call it) to custom\Extension\modules\Opportunities\Ext\Vardefs (create the  structure if it does not exist). Then add this to the file content:


PHP Code:


  $dictionary['Opportunity']['fields']['account_name']["required"] = false;


Then  run Admin->Quick Repair and Rebuild to get the change to go into effect.

I seemed to be doing well until I ran the Quick Repair which never finished and is stuck on Rebuilding Extensions, Rebuilding Audit Tables.  The effect was that many tabs do not function now including Marketing, Support etc., Site Map.  I receive a pop up window when I click some tabs with says - {"content":"

I'm hosted on HostGator and have Sugar CE 6.5.11 Windows 7 

I suppose I could delete the file I created but now I'm afraid to make any further adjustments!  Any help is greatly appreciated.