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update existing record

Question asked by Alessandro Alessandro on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Alex Nassi

Hi, i'm trying to update the accounts records
with a field I already created in sugar called "Priority" in which i  already created a drop down list with some code in it.


The problem is that instead of updating the  records sugar recognize all the data as duplicated without updating anything.


Here are the steps i did:


1.             I created a file with: Account Name, ID, and  the field called "Priority"


2.             I go on Import accounts


3.             I select the file


4.             I flag the option “Create new records and  update existing records”


5.             Click Next


6.             On the pop up allert reminding me i’m updating  the data I selected “OK”


7.             Checked the import properties I click next


8.             Confirmed the field mapping I click again next


9.             In check for possible duplicates I drag “Name”  in the box “Field to check”


10.         Then I click Import


11.         At the end all the raws appear in duplicates  records without any updating.

Could Someone help me?

Thanks in advance