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Discussion created by Alex Nassi Employee on Apr 9, 2014
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Hello SugarCRM Community!

You may have noticed some changes recently on this page that happened due to a new GetSatisfaction update that released on April 8th. I, for one, am very happy about these changes and hope that they help facilitate a better experience and easier interactions for all of you. Below is a summary of the newest feature additions:

Conversation Page Design Changes

  • Breadcrumb Navigation with Categories: The header section now includes breadcrumb navigation links that includes a link to the community homepage as well as categories the conversation is tagged with. 
  • Last Activity Date: The "posted" date has been replaced with the "last activity" date in the header section to better reflect how current a conversation is.
  • Author Information Moved to Bottom of Description: The author of the conversation, along with their reputation, sentiment, and the date they posted the conversation have all been moved down to the bottom of the description to better visually connect the title with the conversation description.

Default User Avatars

  • The default avatar now displays the first two initials of the user's username on top of the image so that it's more personalized to the user, which makes for easier reading of a conversation.

You can now "like" comments

  • You can now "like" comments in addition to being able to like replies. Every contribution in the community should potentially be rewarded. Comments often include some of the best content. There is now a "Like" link that appears on each comment (similar to replies) and a count that shows the number of likes a comment has received.

Email notifications for posts added to a category you follow

  • When a category you follow is applied to a conversation after the original post, you are now notified via email as if the post was originally associated with the category.