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New module and lack of subpanel

Question asked by KusioST KusioST on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by KusioST KusioST

I create new module (let’s call it NewModule) using configuration panel and module constructor. This is a basic module with 1 relationship to leads (I create this relation). After deploy I exit from configuration panel, open NewModule and then create new one called Test1. For this moment everything works.

When I open Test1 I can't assign to this any leads - there is no subpanel to choose them. It is weird because I have another custom module (Events) with 1 relationship to contacts and it works with no problem - I can create new event and when I open it there is a subpanel 'contacts' where I can search and choose contact.

Can anyone tell me why it don't work with leads?