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Custom Dashlet not rendering HBS template

Question asked by chadhutchins on Apr 5, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by paperless
I'm working on creating a custom dashlet for a Contact's intelligence panel.

Here's my js file:

    plugins: ['Dashlet'],
    initDashlet: function() {},
    loadData: function (options) {

        var id = this.model.get('id');

        if (_.isEmpty(id) || _.isEmpty(email)) {
        var request_data = {
            record_id: id,
       'create', app.api.buildURL('CustomModule/custom/action'), request_data, {
            success: function (data){
                var test = {activities:[{action: 'test1'},{action:'test2'},{action:'test3'}]};

My hbs template:

{{#if activities}}   
    {{#each activities}}
    <p>No activities</p>

I get data back from my ajax request, but i've hard-coded some for testing purposes. Every time the loadData function runs and tries to run this.render(), I get a "Object #<Object> has no method 'render'" javascript error.

Any ideas?