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Campaign emails not sending from the defined ‘Use Mailbox’

Question asked by CoreyV CoreyV on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by Scott Flory
Sugar  CE 6.0

I’m  driving myself batty trying to figure out why my Campaign emails are being sent  from the general email account I set in Admin-->Email Settings instead of  the Use Mailbox I define in the Email Marketing item.  I think the Use Mailbox is set up correctly  as a Bounce Handling Account (it's available for selection in the Email Marketing settings).  But every campaign  email I send comes from the General email account.  The reply to address appears to pick up  correctly from the Use Mailbox setting – as when I reply to a campaign email it does change to the address I set in the Use Mailbox  settings.


I  know it’s using the general email account for the initial send because if I change the  general email account settings to another email address – the campaign email comes from the changed email account  (changing nothing else).


Was  this a bug in 6.0, or am I missing something to get the initial campaign email to actually send from the Use Mailbox settting?