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Retrieve State Feild from Accounts when searching Opportunities using PHP Rest API

Question asked by bstar bstar on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2014 by Ben Star
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I am able to pull a list of Opportunities, now I need to grab some data that is on the main Account page like Billing State. How can I do this?     
     $get_entry_list_parameters = array(             //session id           'session' => $session_id,             //The name of the module from which to retrieve records           //'module_name' => 'Leads',           'module_name' => 'Opportunities',           //The SQL WHERE clause without the word "where".           // = '$select_account'           //'query' => $query_where,           //'query' => "sales_stage = '$sales_type_search' AND year(date_closed) = '$year_search'",           'query' => "year(date_closed) = '$year_search' $sales1 $user_select1 $gut_select",           //'query' => "year(date_closed) = '$year_search'",             //The SQL ORDER BY clause without the phrase "order by".           'order_by' => "date_closed DESC",             //The record offset from which to start.           'offset' => '0',                      //Optional. A list of fields to include in the results.             'select_fields' => array(                'id',                'name',                'amount',                'sales_stage',                'probability',                'date_closed',                'assigned_user_name',                'assigned_user_id',                'opportunity_type',                'gutfeeling_c'             ),              'link_name_to_fields_array' => array(                array(                     'name' => 'Accounts',                     'value' => array(                          'districtofficecounty_c',                          'billing_address_state',                     ),                ),            ),             /*           A list of link names and the fields to be returned for each link name.           Example: 'link_name_to_fields_array' => array(array('name' => 'email_addresses', 'value' => array('id', 'email_address', 'opt_out', 'primary_address')))           */          //'sort_order' => 'DESC',          //'sort_by' => 'id',             //The maximum number of results to return.           //'max_results' => '10',               //To exclude deleted records           'deleted' => '0',           'limit' => 50000,             //If only records marked as favorites should be returned.           'Favorites' => false,      );