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How can I add a custom 'More Info' popup to detail view?

Question asked by Sagar Salunkhe on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by varun_gupta34
Dear Sugar Developers,

I want to add my own custom 'More Info' popup in my Accounts module Detailview page.

Initially popup has Billing address and other details that I know how to change. Even I know how to achieve that 'More Info' icon in DetailView. 

My Problem is how can I pull data conditionally on DetaiView and ListView. I don't want to touch existing functionality. I am not getting that condition on which I can override $overlib_string string. Do I need to create new Sugar util?

Any hint or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Environment Details :
Sugar Professional Edition 6.5.14 (Build 1055)
PHP Version 5.3.10