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How can you access data for multiple contacts on a case?

Question asked by sara.burns on Mar 29, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Alex Nassi
Just learning SugarCRM and finding differences in approach in some aspects.  Customer is using Enterprise 6.5.15

Situation - Case module has a number of contacts listed for specialist roles during life cycle of case. Selecting any of these will display the contact details, on the contacts detailview panel.  
The customer now wants a report, or dashlet, showing details for their active cases including the phone number for one of the specialist contacts.

How do I create a relationship or relate field between Case and Contacts for a specified field on Case which will allow me to include the correct Contacts field on a report.

This seems very similar to the built-in relationships against every module to Users via Assigned_To_User, Created_By_User, Modified_By_User.  Is there a way to create this type of relationship for contacts as in my situation above.