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1-to-many relationship field can't be typed or pasted into. Users must use "select" arrow button.

Question asked by Craig Wilson on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by Craig Wilson
I've inherited an in-house instance of Sugar Enterprise 6.5 that has a custom module called "Policies". This module has a 1-to-many relationship with Cases, which displays a field in Cases edit view which users can use to link each case back to the policy number in question.

When users have a policy for which they must start a case, their typical instinct when creating a new Case is to simply copy and paste the policy number (a unique 10-digit number for each Policy record) into the "Policy" field in the Cases edit view. This does not work, ever, under any circumstances, and the typed or pasted number will simply disappear.

Users must instead click "the little arrow," wait for a popup window, search for the policy record, select it, and then create the rest of the Case record from there. This is an annoyance to my users. They want to simply paste the policy number into its field, have the field "pop up" with a quick search suggestion like it does with the "Contact" field, and create their Case from there. 

How can I make this 1-to-many-relationship field pasteable/typeable and not force users to search for the Policy record in a popup window?