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How can I customize the popup search to display possibilities depending on the parent page?

Question asked by Maria Nowinska on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by Bhavesh Bhanushali

So I am trying to use Relate Field to display limited options depending on what parent page I am currently on.

As a quick example:

I have a list of "Customers". Each customer have their own "Banks" (actually just different bank accounts).
Then - I have a page called "Payments" where I can create new payments that needs to be done/has been done.

So I go to a "Customer" page, click on a new "Payment" under payment section - select "Full Form". On the next page (one that is editing/creating new payment) I've created the "Relate Field" to Banks Module.

Now when I click on arrow icon next to the bank relate field (to select "Bank") - it shows me All banks from all customers. I'd like it to show me banks only from the customer I am editing/creating payment for!

Is that possible?

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