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Track url out of SugarCRM

Question asked by jlabuelo on Mar 24, 2014
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Hi all

Have a question about Configuring eMail Marketing campaigns that dont know exactly how to solve. 
Every time we create a new eMail marketing campaign we include a new "Trakcer URL" link that we include in an image or a link in the Email Template. We do this to check which of the contacts included in the Target List has clicked in the image or link to go to the URL we want to promote in the email template they receive.

Once the marketing campaign is finished, we check the list of contacts that have gone to the Website through  the "tracker URL" and perform different marketing actions with them. We are able to do this as it is SugarCRM who manages to include the "id" of the contact in the tracker url link, and this is done automatically. Then if the contact clicks in the link, it is also sugarCRM who addes this contact to the "new Tracker URL list" for the campaign.

However most of the cases, each mail template uses to have a link in the top of the template that says something like
"If you are not able to see the content correctly click here"... and takes him to a site (normally out of SugarCRM) that shows the template to him. This template does not have any "Tracker URL" it is thought to be used only when the contact is not able to see the content correctly in his mail client.

my question here is....." what happens if the contact who receives the mail template, decide to clik in the link at the top of the template?... I mean how can we track then if he has clicked in the link that takes him to the URL we are promoting and include him in the "new Tracker List".

We need to identify personally which contact (by ID, name, Mail address....whatever) has gone to the URL we are promoting. How do you see this could be fixed using SugarCRM, or any other solution?

Hope my explanation was clear enough ... thanks a lot in advance