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Is it best practice to extend a module created with module builder?

Question asked by weal weal on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by Alex Nassi
CE 6.5.16

Hi all

I have
created a simple module with module builder (and was surprised how fast and
easy this can be done).
But now I need to add other fields, which can’t be done with module builder. For
example I want to have a link to another module, but it can be a link to a contact
OR an account, depending on another fields value.

So I think
from here I have to code that field (and other fields) manually.
Is this the right way to do this? Creating a module with module builder as far
as possible and extending it manually with features module builder can’t do? Or
do I have to code the whole module from scratch manually (maybe because of some
limitations or downsides from module builder)?


Currently I’m
assuming I can extend my simple module manually, without beginning with a
complete new module:
I found my package in “custom/modulebuilder/packages/”, but the code is looking
strange for me, compared to other modules.

is no class extending SugarBean.

vardefs.php there is a $vardefs variable with a fields-array, but no

is missing

more differences which I yet not found

Maybe all
this confuses me unnecessarily, but it makes it harder for me to get started
with sugar customization.

Are there
any tutorials which can help me with what I’m trying here?
Also: Is there a source code documentation available, so I can see what classes
and methods are available?

grateful for any hint to the right direction.

CE 6.5.16