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[ERROR] Unable to find relationship

Question asked by Serge L. on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by dkallish
Hello All,

I'm using Version 6.5.9 (Build 8653) of Sugar and I encounter a problem while deploying a module:

I see Many many errors of this type (cf. title). I read the answer to a similar question here:
but I would like to have some more precision if possible :

1> does this mean that any time I will load a module, or run repair, or provoke a cache rebuild, I will have the same error messages?

2> Is this error message sometimes meaningfull (as I understand it, it is considered "normal" in some occasions)?
If so, how am I supposed to make the difference?

3> Is this issue solved in a later version of Sugar?

4> Am I the only one to find this problem disturbing and dysfunctional?

Thanks in advance for your answers