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SugarCRM 6.1.8 upgrade to 6.2.6 “silentupgrade failed” problem :(

Question asked by ChrisCwi ChrisCwi on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by chris were
Hello everyone! I'm new in SugarCRM and for a long time looking for a solution to the problem. Could anyone help my please to find a problem with my sugar 6.1.7 upgrade to 6.2.x. Since long time I was try to upgrade it to 6.2.6 (and all other 6.2.x) but still “silentupgrade failed”. I was upgrade it to 6.1.8 (by silent upgrade) and everything was fine. But next upgrade to 6.2.6 get error “silentupgrade failed” ...and nothing else. When I login to SugarCRM everything looks fine, and I see version 6.2.6. But in Admin module Quick Repair and Rebuild got error: “Differences found between database and vardefs”. I use Execute button under window with code, and Repair and Rebuild finished, but Update wizard window (in Admin module) is blank! Also, when I was try to upgrade by Upgrade wizard it stop on step 5 with info: "Click Next button" - but there are no Next button! I can see only list of changed files.  How to find what is wrong with my computer configuration or SugarCRM configuration etc.?? Could anyone help my please!