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Cache problems with custom theme and footer.tpl

Question asked by Draven Crow on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Draven Crow
I'am using version 6.5.15 of Sugar CE and I need to add a custom image to the footer of the sugar pages (keeping all the  CopyRight and powered by Sugar too).

I've created a custom theme by copying all the files in the default theme to a new folder under themes/MyTheme, and editing the themedef.php changing the theme name and description.

After this, I chose in the admin screen MyTheme as the default theme (I can't see a theme picker in the login screen neither), and edited the file footer.tpl under themes/MyTheme/tpls/footer.tpl to add a new line right above the "server response time".

If I clear my browser caché and go to the login screen, I can see this change...the new line appears where it must...but, when I log in..... in every single screen (home, contacts, etc..) the footer remains without this change...I can't see my line anywhere!... If after that, I go back to the login line also disappears!!! And until I clear the caché again, it won't get back... but it disappears again after I log in.

What could possibly go wrong with my changes?

Thank you very much and best regards.