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SugarCRM bugs (minor) that they forgot i think

Question asked by EvilPeri EvilPeri on Mar 19, 2014
Well there are a few inconsistencies i found while developing for the new SugarCRM 7.1.x . Here is my list

1. Relate field and Populate List
- great feature added to sugarcrm 7 to add a way to get more data using the relate field. By adding the populate_list array on the vardef of the relate field we can dynamically get data and set it (this is cool). But when you remove the related record the data doesn't get unpopulated ( not quite sure of the term here). Is this suppose to work like this?

2. Flex Relate and populate list
- well this is similar to #1 in a way, the flex relate (parent) field extends from the relate field js file. But on the relate.js file there is a method called setValue() which handles the populate list logic but on the flex relate this method was overwritten and the logic is not there anymore.

3. Multiple TinyMCE Editor in one page.
- again cool feature, but when adding multiple fields like this via record.php definition when editing on the record view this seems to be a bit buggy.

Can anyone shine some light into this.