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Add a new street field to the address group in Accounts/Contact module in Sugar 7

Question asked by Kirti Kirti on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by dkallish
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Hi All,

We need to add another street field to the address group field in both the Accounts and Contacts module for primary and alternate address.

After creating a custom field for it we have tried to add it to the group by writing the code in custom/modules/Accounts/clients/base/views/record/record.php in the fieldset for the address fields. This works but the changes made here are overwritten if we make any further changes from Studio.

We have also tried to use the Extension framework to add the new field to the address group but could not find the right thing to do.

We have done this earlier in Sugar 6.5.* by creating a new field type for address but that is not applicable for Sugar 7 upgraded modules any more.

Any pointers and directions on what is the correct way to implement this would be great.

Thanks in advance.