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Is it possible to include a variable name in a workflow action?

Question asked by lsackett on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by Bill Convis
Hello all,

In regards to Workflow in Sugar Professional - when you are defining the Action, is there a way to include the name of an entry in the related module?

For example, you have a Workflow where a future Task is created when you save a Note within an Account. When you are setting the name of the future Task, is it possible to include the name of the Note that triggered the Workflow?
So that the subject for your new future Task would be: "Follow Up - [Note Subject]"

I know that this variable reference is doable within the email templates, as they have variables you can call in to display any of the related fields, but I'm not seeing this same functionality in the Action step.

I've seen some people trying to accomplish this with developer logic hooks, but is this possible within the Studio for On Demand versions?