Chris Raffle

Version 6.7.5 Released!

Discussion created by Chris Raffle Employee on Mar 16, 2014
We have officially released version 6.7.5 for all of our commercial editions! The 6.7.5 release is only available for On-Demand customers running an earlier version of the Sugar 6.7 release . The release includes some minor enhancements as well as bug fixes. You can review what was included in this patch through the following release notes:

Ultimate 6.7.5 Release Notes
Enterprise 6.7.5 Release Notes
Corporate 6.7.5 Release Notes
Professional 6.7.5 Release Notes

All On-Demand instances running on an earlier release of 6.7 will be automatically scheduled for upgrade to this patch within the coming week so there is no need to request an explicit upgrade.

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