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Modify "select" button in Calls

Question asked by kyuchukovv kyuchukovv on Mar 14, 2014
Hello, i want to modify the "select" button in the Calls module when select Lead and then select the current Lead to get the data for the phone number and write it when i save it. When I inspect the element it shows me that the onclick method containts:
onclick="open_popup(document.EditView.parent_type.value, 600, 400, "",   true, false,   {"call_back_function":"set_return","form_name":"EditView","field_to_name_array":{"id":"parent_id","name":"parent_name"}},   "single", true);"

I want to add after after "name":"parent_name" the "phone":"phone". Is it going to work? And how can i do it with javascript?