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How can I limit IMAP email to just a Folder / Label instead of the entire Inbox?

Question asked by Mixa.Re Mixa.Re on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Mukta Patel
Hi to All

I use GMAIL and have more than 30,000 emails in label INBOX,

than i created a new label called 4Sugar, where i placed the mails i want to import to Sugar

well ! 

The question is : there are a way for real MONITORED ONLY the certain label folder, like 4Sugar..and not import and cached all emails in to Sugar database like now..
the time to wait for cached all 30,000 mails in INBOX and show me in Sugar mail module only mail inside 4Sugar take long long time.

KUSKE on 2008 said
"So you can wait till the day the cows come home" :-)

For example how to edit the file "module/inboundEmail/InbauondEmail.php" and said for this Sugar user not read all folder INBOX but just label 4Sugar?


the credits of this IDEA is just talk about from 2008 by KUSKE here
but now 2014 is soo old

Thanks to all for support and attentions