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Email To Sugar Project: Adding contact name to archived mails

Question asked by matben matben on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2014 by matben matben
Hey there,

we're using the "Email To Sugar" add-on in our Sugar CE installation (6.5.15) and like it a lot. However, we noticed the following:

Archived mails are assigned to a contact and show up in the history of that contact plus the history of the account the contact belongs to. In this way, the account history is populated with mails belonging to different contacts, but there is no way to see which mail belongs to which contact. The history subpanel has a column named "contact", but it only shows the contact name for items generated directly in sugar, such as calls, meetings etc. Also, manually archived mails show the contact name, but not the ones automatically archived by the "Email to Sugar" add-on.

Our question: Is there any way to populate the contact column with the recipients name? As far as I understand the add-on is looking up the contact in the database anyway, so would it be possible to fetch the contact name and add it to the record?


Please see the picture below for reference: