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Is there an integration to do a 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar?

Question asked by Tony Tony on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by JJ_Loder JJ_Loder
Sugar Version: CE 6.5.x

Without getting bogged down in details of my specific requirements, I'm basically looking for a way to centralize and consolidate our entire calendars (personal and business) in a way that is mobile-accessible (Android) and integrated with Sugar CE.

Synchronizing Sugar with Google Calendar seems like the most obvious and robust solution.

An ideal solution would...
  • Provide 2-way synchronization -  Adds new events from Sugar CE into Google Calendar AND continually adds/removes events in Sugar as they are added/removed in Google Calendar.
  • Update every hour at the most - the more frequent, the better.
  • Be reliable.
So far, I've found these four options:

MyCRM Connector Tool: (free)

This looks good, but apparently it only does 1-way synchronization - meaning, it can add events from Sugar to Google Calendar, but not the other way around, which would inevitably result in scheduling conflicts.

Collabspot ($9-15 / month / user)

Seems overpriced, and comes with a lot of stuff I don't need. Also, it is
only compatible with Chrome browser, which cancels it as an option for

SugarForge: SugarCAL - Realtime Google Sync ($30)

This one looks like it has what I need (2-way synchronization) and is inexpensive. Out of what I've seen so far, I'd like to go with this one, but I haven't been able to find much information on it - particularly from people who have used it. I'm also unsure how responsive the developer is.

Gmail and Google Sync ($5 / month / user)

This one looks like it will do the job and has mostly good reviews. I would prefer to pay one time instead of monthly, though.


So, here are my questions...
  • Has anyone used any of the solutions I listed above and want to share their thoughts?
  • Are there other solutions out there for reliable 2-way synchronization between Sugar CE and Google Calendar?