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An annoying 'dot' / period that will not go away...KReporter

Question asked by Bond Bond on Mar 10, 2014
In KReporter I have had an annoying dot displaying since the module was originally installed.  I have troubleshot this a number of times but not finding the 'period'.  I also can not highlight the dot so I am thinking it is not text...

in Firefox when I zoom in on the dot (ctrl +) I get a hand (the period looks like a link) but I can not click on the period - nothing happens - and no url is highlighted in the status on rollover. 

Even when I view source on the page we are not seeing the period anywhere - looks like the menu is drawing the period.

Notice the period after the report title name?  On the line under the title.

This only happens in the KReporter module.

Any thoughts? My guess is that the menu itself it drawing the period.  Like I mention, the period is not visible in view source...I am thinking the period is actually a small image...

Note that when I right click on the zoomed in period I do not get an image menu.

I am thinking it is the javascript - #contentTable that is responsible.

This is the view source on this area of the page:

<h2> Sales Reports </h2>
<span class="utils">   <a id="create_image" href="index.php?module=KReports&amp;action=EditView&amp;return_module=KReports&amp;return_action=DetailView" class="utilsLink">  <img src="themes/default/images/create-record.gif?v=6f0KqporqSMVNMaMSqIIZw" alt="Create"></a>  <a id="create_link" href="index.php?module=KReports&amp;action=EditView&amp;return_module=KReports&amp;return_action=DetailView" class="utilsLink">  Create  </a></span><div class="clear"></div></div>  <script language="javascript">    SUGAR.util.doWhen(function(){      return $("#contentTable").length == 0;  }, SUGAR.themes.actionMenu);    </script>