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How can I search against currency types?

Question asked by Kovacs Timea on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by Kovacs Timea
Hi all!
I am struggling with a currency problem. Since I am setting different currencies in modules Opportunities, Quotes, Products I need to do a search after this field (for example search for Products with currency Us Dollar $). Sugar doesn't support this, by adding the field in studio to search form, only a text field appears where you have to give the id of the currency.

I wish that a drop-down would appear as it does in editview.

I noticed, that in Currency.php there is a function getCurrencyDropDow that is called for field currency_id. I tried to modify that so that it returns the html containing the select and options syntax in case of an advances search too. but it is not rendering ok, and something like this appears: 

Looks like the options don't appear inside of the select, but after.

Can anyone help me with this to work?

Thank you, Timea