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"Failed to copy" error when trying to install module

Question asked by Iulia Iulia on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by sonesay inthavong
I'm trying to make an installable package for Sugar Pro 7.1.5. I have created the manifest.php file and I have put there in the $installdefs var the files that I want to be copied.
My code:
   $installdefs = array(        
   'id' => 'myModule',
            'copy' => array(
                         'from' => '<basepath>/Vardef/myFile.php',
                         'to' => 'custom/Extension/modules/Users/Ext/Vardefs/myFile.php'
When I try to install the package through Module Loader, I get the error:
Failed to copy 
cache/upgrades/temp/3B8F.tmp/Vardef/myFile.php to

Why it looks for the file in the cache folder?

Thank you.