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How can I access attachments in notes via the v10 REST API?

Question asked by rstoeber rstoeber on Mar 6, 2014
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Working in Sugar On-Demand Professional with the v10 REST API.  I'm working in PHP and have learned how to do a lot of things today.  So far I'm very happy with the results.  I can search and browse Accounts, list the related Quotes for the desired Account, and I can list the Notes that are attached to each Quote.

For most of our Quotes we attach JPG and PNG pictures, PDF files, and plain little text Notes with no file attached.

My problem is that I can't figure out how to display the Notes.  I've been looking all over for an example, but I can't find any.  Can anyone point me at sample code, or post some here?

What I need to do is list the Notes names, descriptions and modification date, and give the user something to click on to open the PDF or JPG images in a new browser window. 

Any help appreciated.