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Sugar Pro 6.7.4 - Editing dropdown options for workflow conditions

Question asked by lsackett on Mar 6, 2014
Hi all,

Using Sugar Pro 6.7.4 On Demand, I'm trying to figure out how to change the dropdown options for workflow conditions. Specifically, I'd like one of my conditions to trigger when a meeting contains the word "demo" in the subject.

However, when I select the condition "When a field in the target module contains a specified value," the only options I am given are "Subject: Equals ___"  or Subject: "Does not equal ____."

There is no dropdown option for Subject: Contains ____.

The wildcard % sign did not work in trying to use the Equals option.

In the Dropdown Editor, I found that "cselect_type_dom" is responsible for the Equals and Does not equal options. When I tried adding my own Contains option (Contains for item and display name), it seemed to break something in that it would not allow me to create a new meeting until I deleted the Contains option from the dropdown.

Is there a simple fix for this that I am overlooking?