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Intermittent email "unable to reply" problem

Question asked by danh danh on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Alex Nassi
Hi All, 

I'm using Version 6.5.16 CE on a LAMP server, with an exchange server on the network sending email. Mostly it works well, but about 10% of the time emails fail to send. If I wait a while (maybe 30 mins) and try again, it works. Whenever Sugar is having this problem, I'm still able to send emails to the problem addresses using Outlook. 

Log says this:

Thu Mar  6 07:43:47 2014 [8196][25823985-3464-d777-3f13-52bd14b2c499][FATAL] SMTP -> ERROR:Password not accepted from server. Code: 535 Reply: 535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful

Thu Mar  6 07:43:57 2014 [8196][25823985-3464-d777-3f13-52bd14b2c499][FATAL] SMTP -> ERROR: RCPT not accepted from server. Code: 550 Reply: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay

Thu Mar  6 07:43:57 2014 [8196][25823985-3464-d777-3f13-52bd14b2c499][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: @

Any suggestions gratefully received.