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500 Error when trying to add dashlets to the home page

Question asked by dreambiz dreambiz on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by kir kir
I have a bug I cannot add any dashlet to the homepage.
When I check with firebug, first I got an error 500

I discover a space come up "%20" after id=
So I removed this character by modifying MySugar.js

But now, I don't have error 500 anymore, but the dashlet is not saved in my homepage, it stuck on this action

And nothing appear on my home

I tried to replace folder and files (from a clean version to my customized verision)

But I still have the problem, I meet again Error 500.

Do you know where this error come from? Which file I have to modify, or replace with clean version?

ps: my version is sugar ce 6.15.6

Thx by advance,