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How do I filter quicksearch results from another relationship field value?

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Pranav Ns`
Hi there,
I've some issues understanding Sugar Quicksearch...(i'm on Enterprise 6.5.16)

What i have :
In Opportunities module, i have a relationship field for Accounts. (so, i can chose an account name)
I have a related custom field for Contact. (so i can chose a contact name)
I have a QuickSearch on Accounts, which works well, giving me accounts ordered by name.
I have a QuickSearch on Contact, which works, but not as i want.

What i want to do :
I want to sort contacts names only by selected account.

ie : my Account say 'SocietyX' has several contacts : John DOE, Jane DOE, Homer SIMPSON, Anakin SKYWALKER and James T. KIRK.
In editview AND quickcreate view of Opportunities, i want to display only the contacts related to that account.
So, if i'm beginning to type "DOE", i want the quicksearch to display only "Jane DOE, John DOE". And not "Shannen DOHERTY", which is a contact of another account.

Do you have any idea on what i should do? and on what file?
There is quite nothing on SQS on the web, so if you could help me with that, it could save my life!

Thanks by advance!