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User emails do not save in profiles

Question asked by David Zurn Jr on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by raffle

I'm having an issue with a recently-deployed SugarCRM instance. Under the profile for each user, email addresses are not saved when modified. I create this error by going to Admin > User Management > select any arbitrary user > Edit. No email address shows in any profile, and if I enter one under the Employee Information section and hit "Save," it appears to save, but no email shows up under the Email Settings page, and if I edit again, there is no email address present.

Mail on the server is working, and I can successfully send test emails from the Email Settings page.

If you would like any relevant logs or further information, please ask, and if this is a PEBKAC, please clarify and ridicule me appropriately. :)

We are running SugarCRM Professional, Version 7.1.5 (Build 1173).