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How can I copy custom dashboards for multiple users?

Question asked by ozchris on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by abhishek bhardwaj
We have a default dashboard layout that each user needs.
It contains 5 separate tabs, each containing around 6 dashlets. Some dashlets are built-in, some dashlets are custom-built, and others are imported from reports.

I've looked at the homepage manager plugin, but it doesn't work with sugarcrm pro 6.5.16

I looked at the database, to see if I could copy across the user preferences.

I manually copied the user_preferences.content from one user to another (where category=Home), but that only seemed to copy the first tab of the dashboard.

Any ideas how to copy other dashboard tabs to other users?
We have a bunch of new people starting next week and to manually drag and drop 30 dashlets for each person would end up taking at least half a day.

The goal would be to have a standard default dashboard layout with multiple tabs, but failing that, the ability to copy everything from one user would be good.