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Workaround for the unable to update email addresses problem

Question asked by paperless on Feb 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by Sophie Sophie
The code below provides a temporary solution, until a fix that enables email address updates is applied in 7.x. 
The code works when deployed as a scheduled task. For some reason it does not update the email adddress when deployed as an 'after_save' logic hook.
$sea = new SugarEmailAddress();

// Update the primary email address, 
// by picking up a value previously stored in any other $bean object field (googleplus in this example)
$emailaddress = $bean->googleplus;
//$GLOBALS['log']->fatal("Update Email Address with: {$emailaddress}");

$sea->addAddress($emailaddress, true);   
// Associate the email address with a given module  
$sea->save($bean->id, "Accounts");