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How can I manage lead data replication to targets?

Question asked by dmitrimartin on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by Offshore Evolution
How do experienced users deal with entering new lead data in real time during a phone call?  Is there a simple way to transfer related lead field data to a new target record?

If a client calls, I'm going to want to gather contact details and run through some needs analysis questions while recording client responses in text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes etc..all while keeping up with the pace of the conversation.

Of course, that's what the lead record edit forms are for.  However, a month after the new lead record was entered or converted to contact, I may import a new snail mail list or email list into targets that includes this lead's address or email.  This means the lead/client would wind up in some campaign list that would send him inappropriate marketing pieces that waste money and look unprofessional.

I can think of three ways to handle this but I'm unable to find any conversations on what appears to be the best method:

1 - Create the lead first so I can keep up with the conversation.  When the conversation is over, check the target list to make sure the lead isn't already a target. If not, then create a target, replicate related data from lead fields and then mark it as converted so it can be filtered out to campaign lists.  This seems like an ideal method if it can be automated...but how?

2 - Stall the conversation long enough to search the target list and create a new target if necessary.  Direct the conversation toward collecting the target data first then convert the target to a lead to capture the rest of the data.  This method makes the conversation awkward and risks looking data that is received out of sequence...would like to avoid this.

3 - Only create the lead record.  Then before importing any new targets, export all leads and contacts.  Compare the three lists to find the leads and contacts that are already in the new target import file.  Add an import column to mark the duplicates as converted.  Use Vlookups or some other method to transfer the common field data to the duplicate targets...creating new import columns if needed.  Import the cleaned import records into targets.  This seems like a major pain in the arse!

Suggestions anyone?