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How can I set a button's title to the value of a custom field in a custom dashlet?

Question asked by Shad on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by Shad
In CE 6.5.10 I created a custom dashlet for Calls module. In 'custom/modules/Calls/metadata/dashletviewdefs.php I created a button:
$dashletData['CallsDashlet']['columns'] = array (
  'logcall' => 
  array (
    'default' => false,
    'width' => '5%',
    'label' => 'LOG CALL',
    'name' => 'logCall',
    'customCode' => '<input type="button" value="Log Call" title="{$fields.quick_note_c.value}" name="logCall" id="logCall" class="logCall" width="15px" data-id="{$ID}" />',

I was hoping to assigning the 'title' attribute to a field called 'quick_note_c' for the same record. I tried as in detailviewdefs.php w/ {$fields.(field name).value} but doesn't seem to work. Also tried the all caps as in {$ID}. 

Any ideas?