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"Error loading relationship" when trying to add a contact to a target list via SOAP

Question asked by freegull77 freegull77 on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2014 by freegull77 freegull77
Hello all,
i'm trying to set a relationship between a Contact and a ProspectLists using SOAP
What i'm doing is this:
        $set_relationship_params = array(
                'session' => $sessid,
                'module_name' => 'Contacts', // Contacts module, where the relationship was created, "primary module"
                'module_id' => $this->values['id'], // id of site, get from set_entry call
                'link_field_name' => 'ProspectLists',// the LINK field type name, from Step 5 
                'related_ids' => array($prospect_id), // id of Account you want to relate to/

        $result = $client->call('set_relationship',$set_relationship_params); //nuSoap

Now every time i try to execute it on the debug i find this
SugarBean.load_relationships, Error Loading relationship (ProspectLists)

I'm using Sugacrm 6.4 CE, what i'm doing wrong?
I would prefer don't use SQL

Thank in advance