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Calendar save error: "Error when saving"

Question asked by j j on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by anuj anuj
recently upgarded from CE 6.5.4 to CE 6.5.16 and having 'Error while saving' issues from a particular non admin user.

Said user in calendar module and on creating activities pressing save brings up an alert('Error when saving')
Yet once you refresh the activity has been created. This also happens on editing activities both new and old.
Also unable to delete any of these activities pressing delete also
brings up an alert('Error when saving') the activity however is not
deleted and remains after refresh.

Have tried escalating users privileges to no avail. other users with same privileges both old and new have no problems.

Have tried other browsers and logging in off other computers with no success.

log shows:
[Error] fromUser: Conversion of  from user format m/d/Y H:i failed

Thanks in advance for any help